Measuring Your Social Influencers

Social Influencers are a huge part of todays marketing strategies. Whether an influencer’s audience is small or large, an influencer can reach consumers via their blogs and social networks that your brand may not be able to. Influencers are a crucial link between conversations and conversions, especially for brands in saturated, competitive markets. Influencers dominated 2016 and are only getting more popular.

In this post we cover how to track the ROI produced from your influencers, regardless of what social channels they are on.

Track Engagement On Your Own Content

Measure the effectiveness of your influencer campaign by tracking engagement on your own content which includes influencer content against your own content which doesn’t mention/include influencers.

Track Engagement On Your Influencers Content

Track how much engagement is generated by your influencers posts in relation to your brand now, and how much this engagement grows over a certain time frame or specific campaign.

Track Promotional Codes & URL’s

Many marketing campaigns involve promoting discounts or limited-time offers through influencers. You can track the performance of this by issuing unique, customised promotional codes to each influencer. Instead of having all your influencers promote one link or code (this is also an option, but will offer you less insight into the value of individual influencers), create customised links and codes for each influencer. Using these codes, you can track how many people availed of the offer, thereby assisting you to track the conversion rates and individual performance of each influencer. If possible, your promotional codes and unique URL’s should include the name, username, or handle of each influencer.

Comment To Buy Option

One of the most straightforward  ways to track direct conversions is by using “comment to buy.” This feature allows consumers to comment on a particular influencer’s post expressing their interest to buy the product featured in it. They are then emailed a personalised link to complete their purchase, which also provides demographic information on the consumer as well as revenue information for the campaign.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool for tracking online sales. By setting up a goal in Google Analytics,  you can see which of your online customers visited your website from an influencer’s blog or social media post, giving you a reliable assessment of ROI on e-commerce sales.

Isolated Marketing

With isolated marketing, you select a specific product that, for a certain duration of time, you promote only through influencer marketing. This allows you to track sales throughout the entire funnel, including in-store purchases. This method allows you to measure an influencer’s impact on sales regardless of when or where the purchase takes place.

Influencer Marketing Tools We Recommend 

Campaign URL Builder by Google

Pixel by Facebook

Social Suite by Union Metrics

Complete Social Analytics by Simply Measured

Find Influencers by Mention

Social Scores by Klout

Influencers & Outreach by Buzzsumo

MozBar by Moz

FollowerWonk by Moz





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